July 31, 2018  

Dear Parents,

Our community is blessed with some very nice children who need a safe, supervised place to "hang out" after school. However, as the 2017/2018 school-year experience clearly demonstrated, unless children are participating in a CCPL program or are accompanied by a parent/guardian or adult caregiver (over 18 years old) that place cannot be the Calloway County Public Library.

Despite CCPL staff efforts to supervise the building & grounds and programs to occupy children, their numbers, activity levels and noise in the library after school were severely limiting the ability of others to use the Library as intended. Therefore, in order to maintain the facilities and staff for their intended purposes, the Board of Trustees enacted the following policies:

Children attending high school are permitted in the Library without adult supervision and are expected to abide by the same behavior guidelines as adults.

Children not yet attending high school are not permitted in the Library unless accompanied by a parent or adult caregiver (over 18 years old).

Children from the age of 6 to those attending 9th grade may attend a Library program without a parent present in the Library under the following conditions:

  • A child may arrive at the program directly after school without a parent/guardian or adult caregiver if the child has been pre-registered by a parent/guardian or adult caregiver attend the program no more than 10 minutes before it begins.
  • A parent or authorized responsible adult is present to sign the child out at the end of the program or when picking a child up. (A child will not be allowed to leave the program without an authorized adult present).
  • A child using inappropriate behavior will be informed of the rules. If inappropriate behavior continues, the child's parent will be contacted to pick up their child as soon as possible.

We recognize that some children are more mature and better behaved than others. We also realize most children are better behaved as individuals than in a group. However, it is apparent that CCPL staff cannot be responsible for sorting out and overseeing these children while trying to perform their intended duties. Meanwhile other CCPL patrons, including many parents, have expressed concern at the atmosphere created when children are permitted to "hang out" unsupervised at CCPL after school.

Therefore, we respectfully request that parents make alternative plans for their children's after school care. Parents are welcome to register their Grade 4-8 students in CCPL's After School Club Program which will be held each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, 3:10-5:15PM (unless otherwise noted) when school is in session. Information about the program may be found online by visiting If a child needs Library resources for a research project or other assignment, please make arrangements for a responsible adult to accompany him or her during the visit and Library staff will be happy to assist in locating the needed information or materials.

Calloway County Public Library

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