Outreach / Bookmobile

What is the Outreach/Bookmobile Service?

Outreach/Bookmobile provides books to retirement villages, assisted living communities, individual homes, and others. The Outreach/Bookmobile is provided to patrons who cannot make it to the library. Outreach/Bookmobile provides books only.

Who runs the Outreach/Bookmobile Program?

Our Outreach/Bookmobile librarian runs this service here at Calloway County Public Library.

How often does the bookmobile run?

Outreach/Bookmobile services are offered Monday - Friday and will visit each place every 2 weeks.

How can I find out where the bookmobile is scheduled to be on a certain date?

You can call the library (270) 753-2288 and ask to speak with the Outreach/Bookmobile librarian.