Computer Use Policy

  1. Patrons with valid library cards are welcome to use CCPL’s desktop computers. All patrons using computers must adhere to CCPL’s Acceptable Use Policy, and any patron in violation of the policy will be asked to leave the computer area and may be suspended from computer use for an amount of time deemed appropriate by the library director.
  2. Patrons must have their library card present in order to use any CCPL computers.
  3. Patrons between the ages of 10 and 17 may use the desktop computers only if their responsible party has given written permission on the child’s application card.
  4. Children 10 and under are welcome to use the computers in the children’s area.
  5. Desktop computer use is limited to 90 minutes per day. Time may be extended in special circumstances if approved by a CCPL staff member.
  6. Patrons over 18 may use a library laptop computer within the confines of the library for a total of two hours per day. Laptops will be checked out to the patron’s account for the duration of use on a first come, first serve basis. Additionally, CCPL staff will hold the patron’s driver’s license or other state-issued ID while the laptop is in use.
  7. Out-of-state guests may use the Courtesy Computer for a duration of 15 minutes. Out-of-state guests who require a longer usage period may obtain a Guest Pass to use the desktop computers with the approval of CCPL staff.

The Calloway County Public Library Board reserves the right to alter this policy without prior notice.